If you’re like most people on the planet then there are a few generic things that you probably steer clear from at all costs: traffic, vegans, and commitment. Traffic is tedious, vegans are annoying, and commitment is…daunting. What could make someone run for the hills faster than the word ‘forever’? And so, the automotive industry went to work trying to discover a way to find a middle ground between this phenomenon of the human condition and the very real responsibility of buying a car. Finally, the car lease was born!

So why do people still shy away from leasing if it’s seemingly the solution to all our problems?

Hidden costs that play with your emotions

It all starts with an advertisement promising an outrageously low price that seems too good to be true. That’s because it probably is. Hidden costs and fees often show up at the time of signing and your out of pocket fees end up being much higher than the price originally advertised. The dealership model is designed to leave consumers out of the loop and in the dark about their lease, which inevitably leaves consumers feeling ripped off and frustrated.

Negotiating in vain

No dealership experience is complete without negotiating and renegotiating your price to make sure you’re, again, not being ripped off.

You don’t know what you don’t know

Dealerships count on you not doing your homework so that you don’t even notice their lack of transparency.

So now you must be thinking: What’s the silver lining in all this?

The answer is, quite simply, innovation. By way of innovation we can cut out the dealership entirely and make the process of leasing infinitely more transparent and less complex. Carvoy, working out of NYC, is using its incredibly innovative and analytics-driven approach to deconstruct the leasing process to the point where the consumer understands how every step of the process works.

In bringing the car-buying experience to consumers’ desktop, Carvoy is seriously disrupting automotive enterprise. Consumers simply build the car they desire, select one of three transparent lease offers, and schedule a time for pickup/delivery. First, users research and build the exact make and model they desire, along with the leasing terms that best suit them. The build and terms are then sent out to Carvoy’s unique dealership network for competing offers. Next, the consumer selects one of three offers proposed on their dashboard, all proposing different leasing terms and pricing. Lastly, Carvoy delivers the car to the consumer’s desired location.

The company’s mission is to create the most meaningful, efficient, and transparent user experience for consumers everywhere. Carvoy provides transparent solutions all throughout the leasing process, allowing users to have a deep understanding of exactly where each of their dollars is going. With no hidden costs, unbeatable prices, and unmatched industry proficiency, Carvoy is paving the way for “a new generation of car leasing.”

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