One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Okay, so let’s say someone who is already leasing a car doesn’t want their car anymore for whatever reason. Let’s call him guy #1. He could have put down a good amount upfront or taken advantage of a good lease deal so his lease has super low monthly payments.

Introducing guy #2: age 25, lives with his mom, has a phobia of commitment, is broke, and also is in the market for the exact same car that guy #1 is trying to get off his hands.

Hence: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Guy #2 can take over guy #1’s lease and get the best of every world: low monthly payments, a shorter lease commitment, and the exact car he wants. Meanwhile, guy #1 is happy because he finally got his car off his hands. Everyone wins, all is right with the world, and guy #1 waves goodbye as guy #2 rides his new car off into the sunset.

What’s the difference between a lease swap, a lease trade, and a lease takeover?

Absolutely nothing! Just one more way dealerships make car leasing a little more difficult for your leasing pleasure. We think they actually work hand in hand with Advil to increase headache frequency and drive sales. That’s just our opinion.

Okay, how can I make this happen? is a good resource to use when you’re looking to take over a lease or get out of your current lease. They have a bunch of listings there that you can sift through and decide which car/lease fits your needs best.

Things to keep in mind when taking over a lease

  • Make sure the mileage on the car you’re looking to takeover isn’t too high, because the person who takes over the lease is responsible for paying over-mileage charges.
  • You’re responsible for bringing back the car to the dealership at the end of the lease.
  • Sometimes, people who are trying to get out of their leases are so desperate to do so that they’ll even offer cash incentives to make the deal even more appealing – these will make the monthly payment of the vehicle lower.
  • The person taking over the lease is responsible for any damages to the vehicle at the end of the lease, so make sure to inspect the car you’re looking for before committing to anything.


Lease takeovers are dope.

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